Visitor Management System & Software for Corporate

Traditional Visitor /Guest ledger books and name tags are helpful to have around, but they can be troublesome to manage and store while providing no protection against unwanted visitors. Visitor Management System for corporate is simple, perfect and secure software which provides a simple and effective solution to this problem.

When a visitor arrives, their identity can be verified and check their visit details logged, their host notified and a professional visitor badge printed, all in just a few seconds.


  • Better Control Over Un-Wanted Visitors
  • Improving The Efficiency Of Check In / Checkout Process
  • Quick And Detailed Visitor Verification
  • Instant And Relevant Visitor Information
  • Storage Of Photo And Biometric Information
  • Enhance Your Corporate Image
  • Manage Visitor Records
  • Go Green – Save Paper, Save Tree
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    Manufacturing Industries:-

    Visitor Management System & Software for Industries

    Visitor Management Software by EITS is a simple, perfect and secure Visitor Management System for processing and manufacturing Industries, Apparel/Garments, Power Plants, Research Centers, Automobile, warehouse etc., Typically EITS-VMS consist of three fundamental functional modules that are Visitor registration, Verification, Authentication, Acknowledgement, Badge printing, Tracking and MIS reports.


  • Track One Time/Regular Visitor, Vendor/Supplier/Contract Staff And Vip’s
  • Keep Track Of Block Listed / Priority Visitorsb>
  • Better Mail / Postal / Courier Management
  • Avoid Visitor Crowd / Unwanted Visitors
  • Better Track Of Contract Staff Moment
  • Track Your Material Movements
  • Issue Instant Id Card For Temporary Staff
  • Centralized Data Base To Monitor Multiple Locations Visitor Traffic
  • Tech Parks / Business Center:-

    Visitor Management System & Software for Tech Parks / Business Center

    Managing versatile type of Visitor with respect to Tenant and his nature of business is a challenging task for Tech Parks/Business Center security team. EITS Visitor management software/system will provide a simple and effective way to gain better control of your visitors at Tech Park & Business Center by identifying visitors and allowing you to flag potential threats. Expected visitors are pre-authorized, badges are issued, sponsors are notified and visitors are tracked while on the premises.


  • Manage Multiple Tenants in a Single System
  • Cost Effective and Easy To Operate
  • Easy To Operate Multiple Gate Entry and Exit
  • Avoid Strangers and Unwanted Visitors
  • Reduce Your Operational Cost
  • Minimize Manpower
  • Reports as Per Security Auditor Requirement
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    Residential Complexes / Apartments:-

    Visitor Management System & Software for Residential Complexes / Apartments

    A simple, perfect and secure Visitor Management System for Residential complexes & apartments for managing Visitors, Guests, Daily workers, hawkers, courier etc. and maintain records of their entry and exit. Such records will be very useful in case of some eventuality and if an identity of a visitor is required at a later date. Some of the features of Visitor Management System & software for residential complex are mentioned below


  • Avoid Telephonic Approval for Guest /Visitor Entry
  • Track Every Moment of Visitor
  • User Friendly Mobile App for Instant Approval and Acknowledgement
  • Bar-Coded / Finger Print Based ID Cards for Daily House-Helpers,
  • Entry and Exit Time of Every Visitor Is Recorded
  • Provision to Blacklist a Person
  • Guest Passes For Celebrations and Events
  • Hospitals:-

    Visitor Management System & Software for Hospitals

    Hospitals and healthcare facilities generally have a high volume of visitors, so a visitor system has to accommodate rapid visitor check-ins.

    Visitor management system & software is built to handle unique and complex health care guest security requirements, from standalone systems to robust systems with full integration to hospital software and access control.


  • Streamline the Visitor Check-In Process
  • Keep Visitor and Patient Information Confidential
  • Visually Identify Visitors
  • Increase Security in the Facility
  • Enhance the Organization's Image and Make Visitors
  • Patients and Staff Feel Safer
  • Search Internal Watch Lists
  • Add Guests to Pre-Approvedlists
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    Visitor Management System & Software for Schools

    School Visitor Management System & Software has become an order of the day for security reasons and is highly recommended for all institutions where security and information are important. The overall goal is to better control access to all schools & college; thus providing enhanced protection for our students and staff.

    Visitor Management Software for School will runs on standard computer or touch screen based Kiosk with the regular or specific printer of your choice to print Visitor Pass.


  • Instant Screening
  • Custom Databases
  • Accurate Records
  • Efficient Reporting
  • Trusted Protection